Would you like to explore this area from the back of your own trusted equine?
Here are a few pieces of advice, as well as what we offer for guests with their own mounts.
Experienced riders are always welcome to bring a trail-savvy mount to ride with us.  We offer special rates for day rides if you would like a guide only.  You are also always welcome to bring a seasoned animal with on multi-day trips.  Rates are as follows:
2 hour ride, guide only: $90
Half-day, guide only:  $175
Full-day, guide only:  $250
This rate covers up to 5 guests.
Plus fuel charges if trailering.

Our multi-day, pack trip, and cattle drive prices are the same regardless of whether you bring your own animal or use one of ours.

We also offer corral rental.  We charge per animal, and corrals can hold up to 8 animals.  Each space has a water bucket or trough.  Corrals do not have stalls or shelters.
Cost per night:  $10/animal.  We do not provide feed.  All animals must have a current Coggins and Health Certificate.

We are not able to offer places to camp with living-quarters trailers, as we don't have the space or facilities for it.  We are surrounded by Forest Service land along the Hell's Backbone Road that allows camping for up to 2 weeks, if you are interested in this option.
Some information you may find of use...
The land surrounding us is dramatic and unique, and we find both the Dixie National Forest and Grand Staircase-Escalante to be wonderful to ride in.  However, to be able to explore either area without a guide, we highly recommend that you are very comfortable reading a topographical map and using a compass or GPS.  There are a few marked trails on the mountain, but virtually none in the monument.  It is easy to find yourself at the edge of a canyon, with no way to get to where you want to go.  We are always willing to help point out routes on a topo map.
There is very little flat land out here; we have an 11,000 foot mountain to the north, and a maze of canyons to the south.  We are located at about 6,800 feet in elevation.  If you are coming from sea level, with an animal that is used to traveling on flat ground, please give yourselves ample time to acclimate.  Be reasonable in your planned rides.
We also ride through and on a lot of rocks.  We choose to shoe our horses.  If you usually go barefoot, you may want to bring boots.
All this being said, we find this area to be a rider's paradise.  We rarely see other users, and the scenery is unmatched.  Please feel free to call if you have any other questions or concerns, and we'll do our best to help answer them.
Breck and Becky Crystal
(435) 335-7581
Sage flats and slickrock.
Dramatic colors of wet clay hills.
Aspen in the fall are a brilliant yellow.
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