1.5-2 Hour Ride
This ride is recommended for riders of all abilities.  If you've only got a few hours to spare, we can take you out and show you a taste of this land.  We have several different loop rides; we'll choose one according to your riding level and the season.
Many animals frequently use our trails, including deer, elk, mountain lions, coyotes and wild turkeys.  We may take you out to an overlook above white slickrock canyons, or scramble through pinons and junipers along the old pioneer road to Boulder.
Intermediate and advanced riders may be able to trot and canter through sagebrush flats after demonstrating proficiency.
These rides may be scheduled for either morning or late afternoon.  Please bring water.
Cost per rider $80.00 (2 or more riders)
Private ride (single rider) $100.00

Half Day Ride
Our half day ride is approximately 3.5 to 4.5 hours long.  Because this is a longer ride, through more rugged terrain, we recommend this ride for intermediate to experienced riders.
Our half day ride gets you out into some spectacular country.  We maytake you across expanses of pure white slickrock, splash through narrow desert creeks and explore land that rarely sees any other visitors.   Intermediate and advanced riders may be able to trot or canter, depending on terrain.
Half day rides are best scheduled for the morning.  Bring a snack or lunch and water.
Cost per rider $160.00 (2 or more riders)
Private ride (single rider)  $180.00

Death Hollow Ride
Our Death Hollow Overlook ride takes intermediate to advanced level riders on a 5 hour round-trip ride to one of the most spectacular canyons in southern Utah.  On this ride, we'll see the remains of the telegraph line between Boulder and Escalante and cross a section of the old Mail Trail.  We'll lope across sage flats, and arrive at an overlook 500 feet above the canyon floor.
This ride may only be scheduled for the morning. Bring a lunch and water.
Cost per rider $180.00 (2 or more riders)
Private ride (single rider)  $200.00

Full Day Rides
For the intermediate to experienced rider, we offer unparalleled riding opportunities.  Whether you'd like to explore the pristine lakes at the top of our 11,000 foot mountain or scramble down old slickrock cattle trails to rivers and streams peppered with ancient petroglyphs, we've got it all.  Your guides will lead you through some of the most remote and beautiful country in the lower 48 states, as well as teach you about some of the geology, plants, animals, and cultures of the area.  Expect to walk, trot and canter through varied terrain, cross streams, and navigate some steep ups and downs.  We frequently trailer to your trailhead, and can offer a variety of different rides if you choose to ride more than one day. 
Full-day rides depart in the morning, and last six to eight hours.  Bring a lunch, snack, water and jacket; we have saddle bags on your saddle.
Cost per rider $220.00 (2 or more riders)
Private ride (single rider) $250.00
We Offer a Variety of Day Rides:
Our Rules and Regulations
Please read before booking a ride with us!

We offer a different kind of riding experience from most nose-to-tail trail rides.  Our groups are small (many times, just your party) and experienced riders may ride more spirited mounts, go faster, and ride our more difficult trails with our discretion.  If you are an experienced rider, and would like a private ride, please let us know that when you book your ride (see prices under ride descriptions).

-All Riders must be at least eight years old by the day of their ride for a 2-hour ride; or at least 10 years old to do a half-day, Death Hollow, or full-day ride.

-For your safety, as well as that of our horses, we cannot take riders over 230 lbs (105 kg).

-All riders must be able to demonstrate that they can steer and stop their horse.

-Riders may not use, or be under the influence of, alcohol or other drugs.

- Riders under the age of 18 are required to wear a riding helmet. Riders over the age of 18 may ride without a helmet by signing our helmet waiver.

- All riders must wear closed toe shoes and long pants.                   
- We do not accept credit cards, Venmo, or PayPal.  Cash or personal checks are both fine.

- There is no Wi-Fi or Cellular service at our location!

Phone (435) 335-7581 For Reservations.